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In manual assembly, everything revolves around optimising your own productivity.
This is precisely where a state-of-the-art industrial work bench really comes into its own. It is the central interface between staff and their work orders.

Every efficiency gain at this central hub boosts your competitiveness.
Find out in our video series how your staff can unlock their full potential with a state-of-the-art industrial work bench system.

How your employees can surpass themselves!
See in this video how you can tap into the full potential of your staff lower sickness rates and boost your productivity for the long term.

How to put your production in the best possible light!
Optimum lighting lowers error rates and therefore boosts production efficiency. This video highlights how you can put your industrial work benches in the perfect light.

How to make use of every centimetre!
If they can complete their tasks without having to stretch their arms strenuously or move their shoulders unnecessarily, then your staff can enjoy the benefits of healthy ergonomic working practices. Why is that so important for production efficiency? Find out in this video.

How to minimise the movement of materials!
Moving materials and workpieces from place to place doesn’t add any value. That makes it an additional cost factor in the production process. This is where users of modular industrial work benches have a clear advantage. This video shows you how you can respond directly to new changes in production.

The item MB BUILDING KIT SYSTEM is a brilliantly simple solution that makes complex engineering tasks easier.

Designed specifically for mechanical and factory engineering, its aluminum modular design allows virtually unlimited configurations and the ultimate flexibility. Lighter, safer, more ergonomically comfortable and cost effective, MB BUILDING KIT SYSTEMS can be used to build everything from simple frames to fully automated production lines. For more than 30 years, item has been providing engineers, integrators and production managers with the solutions they count on to engineer change.

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The advantages of the MB Building Kit System


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All Mario has to do is make a few simple modifications to his work bench and he can carry out industrial assembly work faster, better and more easily.
Your staff could do the same!
Share with us your challenge and we’ll work with you to develop the perfect solution.

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Ergonomics at the work bench – what Industry 4.0 has in store

The consequences of the digital revolution for work bench ergonomics are as many and varied as they are remarkable.

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