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PDF Catalogs

MB 8, Workbench and D30

MB Building Kit System (MB 8)

Comprehensive Catalogue MB 8 from item – one principle, a thousand enhancements, unlimited possibilities. (53 MB)

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The ergonomic work bench system – Comprehensive Catalogue

Work benches for assembly, maintenance, repair and testing systems. Several basic table variants, a range of working surfaces in various sizes and the right accessories for any application. (35 MB)

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Line d30 from item – the Cost-Effective Lean Production System

Line D30 is the quick-action cylindrical tube system that lets you set the pace. It supports the continuous improvement of production processes by enabling users to put their ideas into practice straight away. Don’t plan. Do! (35 MB)

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New Products Brochures

New Products 09/2012 – Work Bench System and MB Building Kit System(MB 8)

Work Bench System and MB Building Kit System. Experience innovation – the new item products for 2012/ II. (4,4 MB)

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New Products 4/2012

Whether equipment, work benches or handling robots – our new products for Spring 2012 are sure to include new solutions for your operations. (5,8 MB)

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New Products 04/2011

In this catalogue: The manual, height-adjustable work bench 2 F for light to medium-weight loads, ergonomic Chairs for seated and standing work benches that ensure fatigue-free and efficient working practices. In addition: The item Castor Rail for optimum workpiece transport and the new Transfer Gates for bringing workpieces to a stop at precisely the right position.

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New Products: Work Bench Systems 09/2010

Optimum work bench design for manual work benches in industrial and office environments – whatever the task, the work bench system from item has the ideal solution for manual production operations.

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New Products MB 09/2010

Line 10 – strong M10 thread and profile grooves with exceptional carrying capacity. Improved profile cross-section for optimised use of materials – reinforces Profiles E and heavy-duty standard Profiles 10.

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New Products 04/2010

The innovative products for work bench interlinking, protective enclosures and mechanical drives in the Spring 2010 New Products Catalogue are fully compliant with current safety standards for machine protection. Ingenious solutions that make it easy to translate your ideas into reality – safely.

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New Products 09/2009

New Products 09/2009 include a number of interesting products for creating ergonomic workplaces and innovations for constructing partitions.
New ideas for adjustment devices, devices for hanging up tools, and practical devices for holding materials so they are ready when needed.

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Special ( X line, KLE, Click- Fastening Set 8)

Linear Units KLE – High performance and compact.
item compact Linear Units combine the functionality of a linear guide with an integrated belt drive in a minimum of space. They are suitable for high-speed positioning jobs, are quiet in travel and feature low-wear, heavy-duty drive elements.

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Linear Technology
This special catalogue will guide you through the extensive product range, including the turnkey KLE and KRF solutions. (12,5 MB)

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Click-Fastening Set 8

The item MB Building Kit System opens up a whole new dimension in flexibility.
Profiles can be connected to other profiles at any position and at virtually any angle without machining. Profile sections can be attached to existing constructions and used as reusable, variable struts.

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New Products Line X

New contours for profiles and elements in the item MB Building Kit System:
The X stands for the design line. Maximum functionality and precise contours.
Designed for use in cleanrooms, these profiles feature a new neat, closed design with completely regular sides. The smallest possible edge radius results in a smooth, virtually seamless connection between profiles used in cleanroom applications.

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