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Tablet Arm 8, 5 Joints

Art. No.: 0.0.689.72
Tablet Arm 8, 5 Joints
Tablet Arm 8, 5 Joints
Tablet Arm 8, 5 Joints
Tablet Arm 8, 5 Joints
Special features:
Tablet Holder 7-13 inch, ABS, rubber coated
Pivot Arm, Al
Fastening materials
Line   = Work Bench System
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 780 g
Description Date Filesize
Operating Instructions
31.10.2018 2 MB
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customs tariff number 84879090

Mobile and stationary information provision made easy! Tablet Holder 8 and Tablet Arm 8 feature a rubber-coated clamp that holds a mobile device on two sides. The stepless spring mechanism holds the tablet securely in place and is compatible with devices from 7 to 13 inches. Both sides of the clamp open in sync, making it easier to fit and remove the device. As a result, tablets can be secured to any Line 8 groove – even on mobile transport trolleys and SystemMobiles.
The three joints on Tablet Holder 8 allow users to pivot and tilt their device to get the viewing angle just right. The tablet can also be rotated 360° to change between portrait and landscape orientation. An optional fixing can be used to prevent unauthorised removal and devices can also be charged whilst secured in the Holder.
Tablet Arm 8, 5 Joints, which incorporates a double pivot arm with friction joints, offers additional flexibility. The Holder stays in the desired position and, thanks to its five joints, can be manoeuvred into the perfect orientation at the work bench and then simply folded away when not needed.
The Tablet Arm and Tablet Holder are ideal accessories in helping you integrate Industry 4.0 applications efficiently and ergonomically.
Thanks to a cut-out in the holding clamp, devices can be charged while held securely in the Tablet Arm or Tablet Holder.