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C-Rail Guide – compact and gentle

C-Rail Systems are specialized roller guides and are ideal for constructing lifting doors, sliding doors and movable guards and enclosures.

The compact linear slides from item provide the perfect solution for a wide range of tasks thanks to the broad product portfolio on offer. Various roller sizes, roller strengths and guide rails are available depending on the application in question.

Reliable linear units with very low construction heights

The C-Rail System encloses the rollers on three sides. As a result, it is possible to design reliable linear units with very low construction heights.

As is customary with item components, C-Rail Guides can be combined with various linear drives.


C-Rail System - for suspended loads

  1. Ideal for lifting and sliding doors
  2. Easy-running Bearing Units in a range of load-carrying classes.
  3. Guide: Shaft on profile groove, load-carrying capacity: max. 1500 N, stroke length: unlimited

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